Delivery time: We normally ship out from our warehouse within few days after order are placed.  If calibration certificate come with the products, we may need to re-do calibration and this may add another few days for this process.  

Shipping mode: We deliver express by air-courier such as DHL, FedEX, UPS...etc. Most products are ship from Thailand, some may be shipped from our inventory in other countries.  

Delivery confirmation: You will receive the email to confirming shipment has been made and provide with tracking number to trace. 

Delivery transit time: Mostly the product are delivered within 3-6 days after leaving our warehouse.  Depending on your location this may take longer.

Total lead time:  From the date of order placing to receiving the goods generally would take 7-14 days.

Non-Stock items. The product that are not in stock are not available to order online according to our system. If you can not place the order, please write to us and we will provide you with the information of when you can place the order online.